PITTSFIELD, Mass. – With the theme of "On Focus," the immersive design experience Furniture Days capped off its successful North American debut with a three-month long event at Interprint's U.S. office in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Created by the global decor printing company, the 2016 Furniture Days marks the ninth year for the annual event, which is typically held in Europe and draws attendees from across the furniture and related wood products industries.

The 2016 furniture design event kicked off in Germany and included stops in Russia, China and Brazil. Interprint said the goal of Furniture Days is to share insight, inspiration and excitement about the coming year’s design potentials, trends and breakthroughs.

This year's theme of On Focus, "served to illustrate the different ways we experience various spaces by mimicking a full day over the course of about an hour, from waking to commuting, working to dinner or drinks, and home again to relax and recharge," the company said. Past themes have focused on the materializations of space, exploring the interaction of sound, tilts of perspective and the reactions between light, color, movement and time as they all relate to décor.

Workshops attended by furniture designers and materials specification professionals highlighted the event, which "also showcased new trends in furniture design: accent colors in the morning, for instance, stories and décor topics ‘on the way to work,’ new types of surfaces at ‘the office,’ and translations of traditional looks into modern designs at ‘the bar.’"

The company added that "colors, textures, and patterns Interprint is now perfecting through the marriage of organic discovery and digital technology" were also showcased at the event, which was held at Interprint's North American headquarters in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Concurrent with the event was a hub website and social media network broadcasts of updated program and design information, including key trends. Interprint noted the Furniture Days North America website drew more than 3,000 direct clicks. The event ran from May 18 through July 31.

The opening of Furniture Days North America was synchronized with Interprint’s IP Tech spring session, which offered workshops for design partners that detail how the company works within the world of décor printing at the ground level.

The 2016-2017 theme for Furniture Days will be announced in October. For more information, visit FurnitureDaysNA.com or Interprint.com.

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