AWFS Plastics Program

Plastics & Composites: Cutting Edge Materials

Interest in cutting, shaping, and machining plastics - a design trend in millwork, and also a result of the rising popularity of outdoor kitchens - has led more custom cabinetmakers into the plastics arena. AWFS Fair picked up on the movement with its Plastics Program at the Las Vegas show in July.

5 Steps to Rout a Clear Edge on Acrylic

I’m often asked for suggestions on how to get a clear routed edge finish when routing an acrylic workpiece. This is usually an application for displays, awards, and advertising specialties where the edge of the product is exposed. Here's how to do it.
By Lance George

Four Tips on Tooling for Plastics

King Plastic says its polymer sheets work like wood, and can be easily fabricated using standard woodworking tools. A new fabrication guide includes general tooling information, CNC guidelines, cleaning and general care information.