Slideshow: Trees removed for apartment complex return as custom woodwork
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Dozens of trees cleared to build Gables Vining Village were milled by Eutree and crafted into fine woodwork for the development by Madera Arts.

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Gables worked closely with Arbor Tree Specialists and a local grading company to recover, store and preserve the trees from the site.

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Eutree collaborated with Madera Arts to provide a detailed inventory summary and recommendation to Gables design team to maximize utilization of the potential lumber from each log.

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Eutree milled each of the logs into lumber and slabs on its Wood-Mizer 1000 sawmill.

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Logs sawed into slabs for tables, countertops and benches are stacked, stickered and labeled. Each slab stack was re-located to the lumberyard where they will spend several months air-drying. 

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After slabs completed air drying to lower moisture levels below 20 percent, they are moved into the kilns to complete the drying process.

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Boards are stickered and automatically stacked on Eutree’s Woodflow board stacker. 

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Eutree flattens and surfaces the slabs to prepare them for the craftsmen at Madera Arts to begin making furniture items.

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The character in the wood tells the story of the original trees on the property that were given a second life to be enjoyed by the community’s residents for years to come.

ATLANTA – Logs salvaged from dozens of trees removed to make room for a multi-housing complex were repurposed into stunning custom woodwork.

Gables Residential, the developer of the project, received the Outstanding New Development Grand Award from the Georgia Tree Council for its “thoughtful reuse by recovering, storing, and preserving the trees that were removed from Gables Vinings Village.” 

Representatives of Eutree, a custom sawmill operation based in Villa Rica, Ga., photographed the award-winning project from start to finish. A sampling of those images is shared in this slideshow.

Eutree milled the logs that were salvaged during the removal process by Arborguard Tree Specialists of Avondale Estates, Ga. The tree care company not only focused on minimizing the environmental impact on the site during the removal process, but also cutting the trees to maximize log yield.  

Eutree milled each log into lumber or slabs based on the intended use. The company also kiln dried the wood.
Madera Arts of Austell, Ga., crafted the urban wood into furniture. flooring, wall cladding, ceilings, tables and more.

Want more? See Eutree’s full “Root-to-Fruit” full photo essay.

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