Ornare unveils new furniture series

'Timeless Closet' from Ornare's Timeless collection

NEW YORK — Ornare, a luxury furniture brand, unveiled its latest series, ‘Timeless', at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. The ICFF show ran from May 19-21. This new collection includes a range of furniture and cabinetry that aligns with modern trends and functionality.

One of the highlights of Ornare’s participation in ICFF 2024 was its emphasis on sustainability. Each piece in their collection was crafted with environmentally friendly practices and materials. From sourcing sustainable woods to using non-toxic finishes, Ornare is committed to reducing its ecological footprint without compromise.

'Timeless Bar' from Ornare's Timeless collection

Visitors at the fair were treated to live demonstrations by Ornare’s master craftsmen, showcasing the meticulous process involved in creating each piece. The demonstrations not only highlighted the brand during the show, but also provided a deeper appreciation for the artistry involved in high-end furniture making for visitors of the booth.

Originally from Brazil, Ornare has showrooms in the United States, including New York, the Hamptons, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Greenwich, and soon Washington DC, Boston, New Jersey, and Palm Beach. The new collection will be available worldwide. 

'Timeless Island' from Ornare's Timeless collection



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