Wood sanding material that can be moulded to the contours of a workpiece nears release at Quirky.com, the invention website.

The wood finishing product was originated by Felipe Gonzalez, a 2011 graduate of the Arts Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, who submitted it to the Quirky development organization in June 2012 as hand-held Q-tip sized sanding heads for detail finishing work.

Quirky then submitted the product to its crowd-sourced development process, where site visitors reviewed the plan for the sanding heads, eventually morphing them into the mouldable abrasive in various grits.

Over time it was renamed "Sandables," that could be offered in various grits and are warmed for a few minutes with a heat gun to become pliant and mouldable to the end use. The tag line is "Form, File, Finish"

The product is envisioned as a consumer offering in smaller quantities, though it is easy to imagine larger volume uses in commercial woodworking. 

The sanders are pre-shaped for immediate use, with three distinct grits, and endless reusability,according to the QUirky site. THey are expected to sell at $14.99 per package.

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