TORONTO - Portable sawmill owners and operators can quickly scale logs, calculate the volume of sawn lumber and estimate the weight of logs using a free mobile app from Norwood.

The Sawmill Calculator mobile app, available for Apple and Android phones and tablets, gives sawyers instant estimates of the board content of logs according to three industry-accepted log rules. Bonus functions calculate the volume of sawn lumber and estimate the weight of logs.

"The Norwood Sawmills Calculator mobile app gives band sawmill owners quick, professional and reliable data." says Norwood President, Ashlynne Dale.

Three functions are provided:

Log Scaling Swipe sliders to input log dimensions and immediately get cubic meter estimates, simultaneously, in the three industry-standard log rules: Doyle, Scribner and International ¼". Because the calculator gives board content estimates according to all three log rules at the same time, users get complete information instantly.

Lumber Scale Input board dimensions to instantly calculate volume. Swipe the "Board Quantity" slider to quickly tally the volume of a stack of sawn lumber. Compute production at the end of a custom milling project or at the end each sawmilling day.

Log Weight Estimator Estimate the log weight of many common tree species. Select the species, swipe sliders to input the length and diameter of your logs and instantly see their estimated weights in kilograms, or board-feet and pounds.

The Norwood Sawmills Calculator mobile app is a useful tool for all portable band sawmill owners, or anyone milling single logs into lumber. It is available for download now for only 99¢.