MARION, OH - Advanced Cabinet Systems says it has developed proprietary bidding software, called Advanced Bid.

Based on its casework catalog model numbers, Advanced Cabinet Systems' the software helps accelerate  project estimating process. ACS is a manufacturer of Division 12 Plastic Laminate Casework and Retail Store Fixtures. Advanced bid was developed . The software utilizes a visual interface broken down by cabinet category, allowing the estimator to be able to quickly specify pricing.

The ACS bidding structure helped develop the way Advanced Bid operates. “Our previous software didn’t fit our bidding process,” said Tim Hanson, Advanced Bid Developer. Hanson went on to say, “After trying to make our previous software work for us, we determined it was necessary to develop our own bidding program to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to estimate a project.”

Advanced Bid provides cabinet options based off of the ACS spec to generate pricing. It is easy to change a parameter, such as laminate cost, to get an updated price. “Since we’ve started using Advanced Bid, I’ve been able to estimate more projects,” said Carla Shelton, ACS Project Estimator. “Our previous program made it difficult because I had to input everything manually, but Advanced Bid makes the process easy,” Shelton added.

Advanced Cabinet Systems is located in Marion, Indiana and has been manufacturing casework products since 1983. Their facility practices LEAN manufacturing and has received AWI Premium Certification. Their retail fixture division specializes in custom store fixtures, floor plan layout, feature and focus displays, and cashwraps. The architectural casework division specializes in Division 12 casework and Division 6 millwork and solid surface fabrication. Advanced Cabinet Systems is a proud supporter of the Grant County Economic Growth Council. For more information on their product lines and company, contact Phil Bowers at (765) 677-8000 or email [email protected]

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