Rutt Regency presented Morgan, the cabinet manufacturer's latest design for kitchen cabinetry to their dealer partners during the 2014 Dealer Conference on October the 1st in Lancaster, PA.

The Morgan line reconsiders the proportions and straightforward massing of the work of Gustav Stickley and his contemporaries in the Arts and Crafts movement, distilling furniture elements to their essence, resulting in a distinct visual hierarchy.

Precisely machined radii found on the edges of each component create soft transitions between layers of Morgan's intersecting rails, stiles and panels. These elements, including the mouldings and collection of hefty end panels were designed in a way that when installed horizontal oriented features never meet on the same plane as those with vertical orientation. Meticulous detail that reinforces the strong lines of the series.

"MORGAN is modern American kitchen design at its best," says Jason Artus, Business Development Manager for Rutt Regency. "This series provides Rutt Regency's design partners with a clean, contemporary aesthetic, grown from enduring traditional roots.

Rutt Regency is the sibling brand of Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry, hand-made by the same artisans and in the same factory as its parent. Introduced as a stand-alone line of custom cabinetry in 2010, Rutt Regency is a simpler version of the renowned Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry, scaled back to bring Rutt's best features to today's practical luxury buyer. Rutt Regency is available through select showrooms across the U.S.


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