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Barak Sinz, Broad Brim Woodcraft: Floating Coffee Bar

This one-of-a-kind wall mounted coffee station is made of cherry and curly maple. Supported from above, the table is suspended above the floor and includes a full-width drawer for filter/stirrer storage. 

Materials: Black Cherry, Curly maple, Poplar.

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Stuart Rupprecht, El Pueblo Woodworking - Knotty Alder Arched French Doors

The customer wanted me to build these knotty alder doors to match the existing arch in the opening. There were a lot of radiuses to account for and make templates for based off of the main existing arch - the outside, inside and stop of the top jamb, the top reveal, the outside and inside of top rails, the tongues of the top panels, and the inside and outside of the casing.

The top jamb was steam-bent. The doors were constructed using deep (2.75") mortise and tenon joinery - glued and doweled. Black-dyed epoxy was used for the knots that needed filling. The panels got ogee profiles as did the insides of the stiles and rails.

Materials: Knotty alder, black-dyed epoxy.

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Simon Silver, Simon Silver Designs - Ying Yang Glass

Two Claro Walnut slabs with highly sought after figure and grain are joined with custom made brass t bar. The table sits atop a beautiful steel powder-coated base. The slabs feature a piece of custom cut dark grey tinted glass that flows freely between the two live edges. A pinnacle of craftsmanship, and one of my favorite pieces to date.

Materials: Claro Walnut, Glass, Steel, Brass

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Nate Sprankle, Sprankle Custom Works LLC - Walnut Coffee Table

An originally designed piece, I wanted to incorporate a variety of materials for the purpose of contrast. I love a combination of styles with a heavy preference towards a contemporary look with a dash of eccentricity. Finished with EM8000 conversion varnish by Target Coatings. I built everything from scratch including the welded steel and concrete base.

Materials: Solid walnut, glass, concrete and steel.

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Kyle Reynolds - Toy excavator

It was a lot of fun to build everything moves the tracks, the booms the bucket and rotates lots of small parts. They have to fit together perfectly to make the tracks move.

Materials: Curly maple ,Birdseye maple, spalted maple and poplar

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Joel Keener, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology - Mid-Century Modern Credenza Bar

The piece is styled after a 1950's style furniture look, but with a more Elegant office style liquor cabinet design. It is made from American Cherry and Veneered Makore v-matched doors with inset brass touch plate.(makore v matched veneered back both sides) It was designed to function as both a record holder/player and liquor cabinet.

Materials: Cherry, Makore Veneer, MDF door core, brass offset knife hinges, bass plate, screws, wood glue, Blum under mount slides, ballbearing slides for bottom tray, touch latch for doors. Felt for top drawer.

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Richard Hoffer, Hoffer Woodworking - Walnut Coffee Table

This Walnut Coffee Table features a slab top and all walnut was locally sourced from Oxford, PA. The base features mitered corners with floating mortise and tenons. The top includes two bowtie inlays made of Indian Rosewood, finished in a hard wax oil.

Materials: Walnut, Indian Rosewood, Epoxy.

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Itsuki Langley, Eastern Maine Community College - Live Edge Coffee Table

I have a deep appreciation for live edge pieces, as they showcase the raw beauty and history of the wood. Yet, I love the intricacy of more technical skills, which is why I have created the piece you are seeing today. This live edge tabletop was crafted from palted maple that was first hand-dyed. The organic cracks were then reinforced by bowties, laid to match the natural grain of the spalted maple. The two outside bowties are made from walnut, and the center bowtie is made from cherry, inlaid with curly maple. The tabletop was finished with an epoxy tabletop coat, sanded until 10,000 grit, buffed with an epoxy buffing compound, and then a ceramic coat was applied to prevent micro scratches and give it more sheen.

The legs of the table were cut from a single board of wenge to ensure a similar color and grain pattern. The shape of the legs was designed to match that of the bowties on the tabletop. Within the legs on each side, I have incorporated the Japanese woodworking style, Kumiko to pay homage to my Japanese roots.The legs were then sealed with a thin coat of shellac and then a final coat of lacquer.

Materials: Wood species (Spalted Maple, Wenge, Cherry, Walnut, Curly Maple), Chemicals (Epoxy Top Coat, Epoxy Compound, Ceramic coat, High Gloss Lacquer, Shellac, Black Dye).

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Bridger Hayashi, Foster Woodworks LLC - White Oak Day Bed

Created for a family new to the neighborhood, this day bed will be used by the parents for relaxation and a place to organize their children's toys. The bench at the end is for the kids to set up and play, pulling toys straight from the rolling bins beneath. The drawers and rolling bins are all dovetailed and grain matched for a timeless look. The dark end grain gives a great contrast to the warm white oak faces. No door handles and hidden slides/wheels give the clean look of an all wood build.

Materials: Solid white oak

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Cutter Harris, Cutter custom wood works - Epoxy Table

It is a 40 inch wide and 60 inch long Metal dining room table. The slabs are red oak it also has a 3x3 square tubing metal frame and benches. The top of the benchs are 3 inch memory foam with the leather topping it off.

Materials: Red oak slabs, epoxy resin, and epoxy coloring, 3 x 3 metal square tubing, inch thick, memory foam, leather, staples, screws.

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Evan Mauldin, Mauldin Woodwork - Sapele Dining Table

This dining table is 60"x38" with half lap, through tenons and dovetail joinery. It is finished with a wax and oil blend. It is made of Sapele Mahogany, easily my favorite wood to work with.

Materials: Sapele Mahogany 8/4.

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Kyle Mortensen, Knot and Grain - Kitchen Install

This was my first "big" project that I was able to accomplish after being a carpenter for 7 months. Previously being a teacher with minimal carpentery knowledge, I have grown to love this profession and all that it has to offer. It is so gratifying seeing your work and others reaction's to the final product. I look forward to what potential I can gain in this profession as the options are endless.

Materials: 1/4 Maple, popular 1x4, 1x8 poplar, 3 1/8" #8 grk screws, 1 1/4" course kreg screws, 2" brad nails.

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Jonathan Arnzen, Arnzen Installations - Kitchen for my Mother

My mother has been one of the most important people in my life as most mothers are for people. She has gone above and beyond for myself, my siblings and now her grandchildren and I wanted to do something special for her. I ended up remodeling the entire kitchen for her, this included things like the marble backsplash, some custom lighting, the sinks and the stovetop but the parts concerned with woodworking are a few of the cabinets and the countertops. About 1/3 of the kitchen had some water damage to cabinets so I built several custom cabinets and drawers to match and extend the kitchen. The most important part in relation to this is the countertops. I took my mom around to a few different lumber suppliers and let her pick her favorite which happened to be black limba. I live in southern California and was having a really tough time 8/4 black limba that had a nice grain. Most of what was being sold should have probably been considered plain limba. So I ended up getting 4/4 material and panneled the rough sizes of each piece. I then cut a pieces of 3/4 mdf 2" shy from all edges and then added a strip of the limba 2" wide to bring it to size of the rough 4/4 wood and laminated everything together. This created indistinguishable edges on all surfaces. I added a waterfall edge by the sink to give it a little extra flair. I added a 3/16 roundouver to all edges to soften the appearance and sanded all surface tops to 400 grit water pop'ing along the way. I used several coats of mineral oil over about a month and then a beeswax finish.

Materials: For the countertop Black limba 4/4, mdf 3/4 - For the cabinets 1/8 maple backplates, plywood.

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Tommie Mullaney, Black Label Carpentry - Master Ceiling

This project started in the living room on a much smaller scale and a clients vision. With my expertise, i was able to add detail without over consuming the ceiling. The client was so happy we produced it again in their master bedroom but on 2x the scale. I ended up being with this client for 10 months in total and added molding to every room of the house. Despite the project being "paint grade", I still believed in perfecting the project with tight joints and adding Festools dominos for mortise and tenon joinery to ensure everything would align perfectly and stay that way.

Materials: 2x pine for framing, 1x finger joint pine, plywood, and finger joint for moldings. FJ Pine was the most economical material for the clients budget but still finished great.

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Djorn Marcano, Omesh Shukla Woodworking - Kitchen Cabinets

Currently working on two apartment rental kitchens.

Materials: Honduras Yellow Pine and MR Melamine.

Each year, Woodworking Network's Young Woodworking Professionals competition recognizes outstanding projects and the young wood pros who create them. Entrants must be between the ages of 18-35, (by year’s end 2024) and be a professional woodworker. This year we were able to narrow the submissions down to 15 finalists and one winner will be chosen by our panel of judges based on two categories: overall look/presentation of the project, and complexity of construction and design.

On the subject of this year's finalists, Woodworking Network's Editorial Director Will Sampson remarked, "Professional quality and craftsmanship was definitely on display in this year's #youngwoodpro entries. The judges had a challenge to agree on a winner. That's good for the contest and great for the future of professional woodworking."

The 2024 #YoungWoodPro contest winner will receive a $500 monetary award from Woodworking Network and will be featured on and in an upcoming issue of FDMC magazine.

In addition, Grizzly Industrial is generously offering the winner one of their Grizzly G0899 - 10" 2 HP 115V/230V Cabinet Saws, which has a retail value of $1825.

This year’s winning project will be recognized at an April 18 reception following the first day of Wood Pro Expo Illinois co-located with the Closets Expo. #YoungWoodPro is produced by Woodworking Network and sponsored by Grizzly Industrial.

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