STOCKHOLM - Swedish woodcarver, sculptor, and designer Christer Björkman has been handcarving wood for much of his life. His mission is to spread and showcase the ancient craft.
It's "an ancient craft that has been practiced for centuries, a profession that is still practiced today in the same way, with the same kind of tools, materials and methods," Björkman says on his website.
His wooden sneaker sculpture features seven different Nike shoes. The sculpture is featured in shoe retailer Sneakernstuff's Stockholm store. His shoe carvings have been seen by thousands of people on Instagram.
"Week and weeks of long, hard days has finally paid off, and here's the final result," Björkman writes on his Instagram page. "One of the most challenging and fun works I've ever done."
All of his carving is done by hand using traditional tools, which include shovels and chisels in different shapes and sizes. Pine, oak, walnut, and lime are used for most of his work.
Björkman doesn't just carve. He runs a gilding and furniture business. Check out the website here.

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