In artist Tom Booth's digitally-animated story, a lonely woodworker appears to keep carving out a woman he loved and then lost.
The illustrations tell the story of a woodworker who cannot let go of someone he loves deeply.
Booth has yet to flesh out any specific details on the woodworker's story. All he has said is that the story is about loss.
"This is a personal project with a large story that I intend to publish. I still do not want to say in what format it will be published and also do not want to reveal the full story, so I will just say it is a story about loss," Booth told Bored Panda.
"For those asking, there is a story for the woodworker, and I do plan to share with you all when it’s ready. I’m trying something different, so it will take some time. Just remember, patience is a virtue," he says on his Instagram page, where he has amassed nearly 300,000 followers.
The Philadelphia-based artist creates all his illustrations on the iPad Pro's Procreate app. He is currently at work on a Netflix special.


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