Japanese studio Schemata Architects has designed a lightweight ”sponge table” – a minimal and functional furniture piece that can also be used as a room divider. Consisting of a sponge tabletop placed between two thin wood veneers, its surface can easily be lifted off, making it portable and collapsible.

Designed for the 21 21 Design Sight museum in Tokyo, the sponge table comes in two parts – the lightweight tabletop and a set of removable wooden legs – and weighs in at just over 19 pounds.

To make the table as lightweight as possible, Schemata used a layer of sponge sandwiched between thin wood veneers for the table top. One side is natural wood, while the other features a white finish.

To transform the table into a room divider, the surface is simply lifted off its supporting wooden legs and placed upright onto two blocky stands.

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