Biting & scratching: Man builds stool without tools
June 21, 2018 | 11:55 am CDT
A New York designer decided to build a wooden stool without the use of any tools - biting, scratching, and using his body for the entire process.
From felling a tree with his bare hands to carving the wood using any means necessary, Nik Bentel said the build was a lesson in society's reliance on an interconnected society when it comes to production.
"When you buy any generic stool in the store, it is typically made from parts from all over the world," says Bentel. "The processes and resources it takes just to bring a simple stool to your doorstep are immense. Consumers are completely unaware of the global systems we have become so reliant upon. Have we lost our understanding of how to produce products with what we have?"
Bentel began the building process by going into the woods and finding a tree to knock down with his hands. He said it was a lot harder than he expected, especially when trying to carry the wood back to the woodshop. 
He then designed the stool with the help of professional woodworkers, he said. The design of the stool had to be realistic with the abilities of the human body.
He then carved the wood by any means necessary - biting and chewing it into shape. With bleeding gums and splintered fingers, Bentel said the process took three days.
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