OKLAHOMA - Mason Drumm's beautifully-intricate topographical map is sure to unite both woodworkers and video game lovers.
Inspired by Nintendo's iconic Legend of Zelda video game series, Drumm's wood and epoxy topographical map brings every corner of the fictional world of Hyrule to life.
"After hundreds of hours spent playing “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” I set out to create a wood and epoxy, hand-crafted, 3D topographical map of Hyrule," says Drumm, who built the map over 65 hours and six weeks in his father's woodshop.
"Every nook and cranny of the map has an adventure or memory I can recall from playing the game with my wife on the Nintendo Switch. It was my first time working with resin/epoxy and now that it’s done, hanging on the office wall behind my desk, I’m happy to say it was an absolute delight to bring that digital realm into the real world."
Drumm didn't use a CNC to build the map - instead projecting an image onto a piece of paper and then transferring topography to pieces of foam board. He then used those foam board cutouts to stencil the design onto a piece of quarter-inch plywood. He explains every step of the build in the video below.
Drumm, primarily a filmmaker and story teller, works for the University of Oklahoma and manages a team of small photographers.
Topographical maps are always popular on our site. Others we've covered include a wavy CNC-cut coffee table that mimics the peaks and valleys of the Andes, and a built-to-scale U.S. map that features 15 wood species.

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