50,000 Year Old Kauri Lumber, Still Workable, Most Viewed in 2014

Massive primordial kauri logs were pulled for Wisconsin furniture maker Ancientwood, from a New Zealand bog. Yielding 50,000 year old lumber, the wood is both workable, and beautiful. 

This story, along with ones on a walnut table 3D printed prototype, a match stick space station, a curly cherry bar, and a teardrop plywood and aluminum trailer were among the 2014's most viewed Projects at the Woodworking Network Project Gallery.

massive primordial kauri logs pulled for Wisconsin furniture maker Ancientwood from New Zealand bogs. Yielding 50,000 year old lumber, the wood is both workable, and beautiful. Answers to your questions include pricing, and availability. - See more at: http://www.woodworkingnetwork.com/search?order=&keyword=Kauri&ct=&aut=&…
ancient kauri 50,000 Year Old Kauri Wood, Still Workable, Yields $100,000 Table 
By Michaelle Bradford
A Walnut Table Prototype Using 3D Printing
By Bill Esler
Pat Acton Matchstick Marvels international space station Space Station Model Built With 282,000 Wood Match Sticks
By Rich Christianson
Curly Cherry Bar Top Fights Back and Loses
By Matt Schumake
Cornish-Wooden-Hammock Plywood Hammock Conforms To Your Contours
By Bill Esler

Teardrop Trailers: Camp-Inn Mills Birch Plywood and Maple Parts
By Bill Esler

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