The first Lazy Lee Wine Storage System was prototyped and installed in the wine cellar of the Pat Riley, coach and president for the NBA’s Miami Heat. Lee Goldsticker (better known as Lazy Lee) renovated Riley’s wine cellar in 2006 and when installing the racking system, Goldsticker says he was surprised that a conventional 36-inch high corner racking system could only hold 35 bottles.
With that thought in mind,  Lee developed the first Lazy Lee Wine Storage System – a 36-inch high, 24-inch diameter module, which held 70 bottles.
The second generation of the Wine Storage System was showcased at the Miami Beach Convention center in 2013 and was the first 84-inch-tall freestanding unit of its type, Lee says.
Lazy Lee’s third generation unit was first shown at a show in Cabinets & Closets Conference & Expo in 2015 and sat on top of ROTAS, Lee’s newer designed rotation system capable of withstanding over 2 tons of weight with ease of operation. The ROTAS is nonmetallic, impervious to the elements and never needs lubrication, he says. It was shown again with different material in Miami Beach later that year.
In late 2016 Lazy Lee was contracted by the IPic theater group to design a wine cellar module capable of holding over 250 bottles of wine in the smallest of spaces and then asked to design a casing that would allow for the module to become a cellar of its own. The project will be completed in early December.  
“The most amazing part about the Lazy Lee Wine Storage module, is that it is fully modular and by using the LockDowel fastening system, a typical wine module can be installed in less than an hour,” Lee says.
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