You may or may not know this but the Association of Closet & Storage Professionals' (ACSP) elected board of directors has a monthly meeting along with a monthly committee meeting.  

We thought it would be a good idea to help you understand what we are doing behind the scenes:

  • Our show committee began meeting with Vance to discuss the Closet Expo in Pasadena next year.
  • The education committee is working on the possibility of hosting educational webinars - stay tuned.
  • In an effort to save you thousands of dollars our membership committee is writing a letter to the National Council on Compensation Insurance.  Our position is that closet companies' installers should not be in the same class as kitchen cabinet installers.  
  • For the first time in years we are having a membership drive. We have spoke to many of our members that either didn't receive the renewal in the mail, forgot about it or thought they were still a member because they receive this email.  Please head over to and renew today.
  • Many of you have asked to bring back our trade publication - the communication committee is working with Vance and the first digital issue should hit your inbox before Labor Day.  If you would like to add content to the publication please let us know.  We are looking for best tips and practices, before and after photos, celebrity closets.  We have also began posting regularly on our Facebook Page.  If you are not already a fan join the other 200 closetteers and give us a Like!  
  • This is Your Trade Association - Get involved -

There is one more spot open on the board, if you would like to be part of it email  If you don't have time to be a board member - help out on a committee.

The more people that are involved the more we can accomplish.

A Strong Association Benefits Us ALL!!

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