Most of us do not like change, even for a small closet. We are creatures of habit—we get used to seeing the spaces around us as they are but when our customers start to see the possibilities for their spaces, amazing things can happen and that’s where the design challenge begins.
Homeowners usually gather ideas for their home projects from magazines, blogs, social media and friends who have already gone through a similar process. However, none replace the collaboration between a homeowner and a professional closet designer who can bring ideas to life in an efficient, organized, logical and beautiful design.

Professional designers ask questions and listen closely to a homeowners’ response, offer suggestions and ideas. First, the designer seeks to understand what the homeowner would like to achieve from their closet makeover. Listening exactly to how the homeowner responds is key. Most often, homeowners like to keep the status quo—spacious with lots of storage—but this can lead to challenges they don’t realize. Status quo doesn’t always work and only an expert can provide updated designs with strategically placed shelves versus drawers versus hanging. For example, sometimes we need to add double hanging to the back wall for most use of the space, sometimes we need to add shelves closer to the doorway to allow for an easy entrance into closet. Homeowners cannot get those tips online or in a magazine the same way as they can with a professional closet designer standing in their closet space measuring, estimating and designing.

Regardless of budget, there are a multitude of options. Some of the key choices include wall mount or floor mount, crown molding or base molding, color and material options which then include a variety of wood, wood stains and melamine. Doors and drawer fronts can be raised or have a flat panel also in a multitude of styles. Often we can turn the simplest, most cost effective style into a closet with that wow factor just by using interesting hinges, handles and knobs.

The close collaboration between a homeowner and a professional closet designer ensures all options are offered and considered. In the end, our customers know they have maximized their space. Every day, they open their closet door to something functional and beautiful and are excited to move on to their next closet project—no longer afraid of change!

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