How awesome would it be if you could participate in daily round table discussions? That is exactly what is happening in the ACSP Facebook group. The private forum that once rested on the website has been moved to Facebook, and it is more active than ever.

Every day members are given opportunities for growth in their business. Designers and business owners receive guidance by asking questions pertinent to their immediate needs and concerns. Resources are shared from hardware to suppliers and more.

The following is a sample list of topics discussed over the last three months:

Designing outside the box      Branding drawer boxes          Hashtags

Custom ladders                       Trending accessories              Networking

ADA tips                                 Website updating                   Rounded panels

Lighting tips/help                    Fake designers/                      Warranty

uneducated buyers                

Angled walls                            CAD software                        Floating shelves

Paying for social media          Standards                                Leather

Shoe Storage                           Balance                                   Resources

Color matching                       Drawer boxes                          Floor protecting

Social media tips-n-tricks       Handle and knob placement  Trends

Liability                                  Marketing                              Mishaps

Double stacking                      Machine recommendations   IG insights

Hand tools                              Cedar in the closet                 CRMs

What is acceptable behavior  Dealing with “shoppers”        Crown tips

Base moulding tips                 Houzz tips                             Tipping

Building codes                        Safety                                    Photography

Contracts                                Sales tips                                Photo requests

Some of these topics are posted daily by an ACSP Board rep and the rest are members asking for advice or sharing what they have learned. By sharing with each other, strategic alliances are developed every day amongst the members.

If you are interested in getting a taste of the round table, please come see us at the Cabinets & Closets Conference in March! We will be hosting a series of round table topics on Day 2. Admittance is included with full conference pass. If you only plan on attending the expo, you can purchase a round table ticket ala carte. (If you are an ACSP member, there is no charge.)     



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