ACSP debuts updated test and challenges in 2020
ACSP looks to enhance and strengthen its certification process.
Wendy Scott, MSD, and president of the Association of Closet & Storage Professionals (ACSP) announced updates to the group’s educational requirements for members with or seeking certification.
“ACSP’s education committee, headed by Lisa Carlquist, has done a ‘revamp’ of level one, which is known as Registered Storage Designer,” said Scott. 
“We have three education levels: Registered Storage Designer, Certified Storage Designer and Master Storage Designer. The requirements for Registered Storage Designer have been modified,” she explained.
Carlquist and her committee revamped level one with regards to the design challenges and the test. “The test remains a two-part test but some of the questions are new. A candidate has to pass the test and also a series of design challenges to be considered a Registered Storage Designer. We also have raised the minimum score for passing to 80 percent correct from a previous level of 72 percent correct. We want to keep up with the spirit and integrity of the certification process and we want to give it more validity, in terms of making it stronger,” said Scott. 
Another area that is being modified includes the certification renewal process. “In the past, to retain certification, we charged a small fee at the end of every two years. Starting in 2020 we are going to require that people have CEU’s. 
Participants are given a wide range of options from which to choose to earn a minimum of five continuing education points. Beginning in 2020, earning at least five continuing education units will be required to renew certification every two years. 
Points can be earned by publishing a book about the industry (3 points). Two points can be earned for attending the Cabinets & Closets Conference. Two points are earned for attending The Closet Summit. Attending AWFS and IWF earns two points for each. Two points are earned for being a presenter at an industry event and two points are given for each published article written about the industry. One point can be earned by viewing ACSP webinars.
Scott said attendance at the upcoming Cabinets & Closets Conference & Expo, which will run from March 11-13 at the Arlington Expo Center in Arlington, Texas, will provide an ideal way to start on accumulating points. 
“We will be doing our testing at the Cabinet & Closets Conference & Expo and we will also be testing and releasing the installer’s certification test at the conference,” she said. 
Scott is confident that the ACSP membership will react favorably to the changes. “We think they will see it will enhance their position and that the continued education aspect gives certification greater validity,” she added. 
Enhancing and strengthening the certification process benefits everyone, Scott believes. “We see several companies that have been encouraging their entire offices to get certification.” 
The ACSP also has a fact-filled and interactive website. Under ACSP Certification on the website, users can use an online application for Designer Certification and explore the Certification Program details and requirements. It is also possible to take the Certification Test online and to watch Certification Webinars. 
Scott’s company, Boutique Closets & Cabinetry is co-owned by Scott and Patty Miller, both of whom are MSD’s. “Prior to becoming president of the ACSP for 2019 and 2020, I was head of the ACSP’s education committee. Giving our members the ability to enhance their skills is an important part of our platform.”

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