As a maniacal blogger (‘er content chugger-outer), I was thinking the first question you might have is, “Mike – why should I give a hoot about content marketing?” This is a great question. There is no reason to spend one iota of your time or precious marketing dollars if this investment is not going to give you a return.

In this article I’m going to dish out 3 reasons you need to care about content marketing.

Reason #1– “Mr. Google” is Rich Enough

Last year Google made $9 billion in profit on $29 billion in sales. That’s a profit as a percent of sales of 31%. Wow!

You know how they did it?  Ever-increasing prices they get on pay per click (PPC) ads. With effective content marketing you can keep more of your money.

Reason #2 - Mr. Zuckerberg at Facebook is getting less ‘friendly’ to your business with every algorithm change

Facebook is throwing your businesses out of its ‘friend’ group – unless you’re willing to pay admission. Every algorithm change (i.e. what they will show in the feeds of users) is making it harder for ‘publishers’ (that would be content marketers like us) to show up ‘organically’ in people’s feeds who have liked your page. They want to ‘monetize’ you. Since you and I don’t own these social networks they are charging us more to ‘play’ in their sandbox. When you create your own content (blogs and videos on your site, for example) no one will increase your price. You own your content.

Reason #3 – Content marketing provides free traffic for you

When you create useful, helpful content and widely distribute it (through social networks, descriptive images, thoughtful Search Engine Optimization) you will get FREE (the magic word) traffic to your site. Since each blog post is a new web page, you’ll have more ‘at bats’ with prospects than your competitors. Once you get them to your blog (or digital content) you can warm them up once you know the ‘99% rule.’

Content marketing is not an easy path. It is the path less taken. It can become tremendously profitable for you – if you have the discipline to not veer from the path.

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