SAN JOSE, Calif. - Mark Trexler, president and CEO of Master WoodCraft Cabinetry, will appear on a CEO panel examining rationales for capital investment at the Executive Briefing Conference next month in San Jose.  

Trexler has served as President and COO of Master WoodCraft Cabinetry since February 2012, a time period during which the company has grown to become the largest, most modern cabinetry company in the South and number eight in America, with plants in Marshall, Texas and Jefferson, Texas employing over 500 people and approximately half million square feet of manufacturing space. ACProducts acquired Master Woodcraft in June of 2018.

Trexler joins CEOs from Mission Bell Manufacturing and United Cabinet's Tru Cabinetry unit in a panel session looking at factors weighed in making capital investment decisions in production operations at EBC 2019. The high level management event takes place April 14-16 at the San Jose Marriott, in the heart one of the most innovative regions in the U.S., Silicon Valley.

The panel will take place the afternoon of April 16 at the San Jose Marriott, following more than 15 presentations on management and business operations by wood industry leaders. Sessions at EBC 2019 will emphasize workforce development and the relationship of employees to technology. The CEO panel will look at constraints that limit investment, as wells as opportunities where investment can make predictable returns, and the balance between investing in workforce and personnel development versus technology.  Learn more at

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