FALZÉ DI PIAVE, Italy --  The Euromobil Group is the first in Italy to offer kitchens coated in Respet, a film made of recycled PET from ordinary plastic bottles. This choice has led to a production process that does not involve the use of fossil fuels and reportedly allows a 60 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.

This innovation reflects the company's eco-friendly focus and meets the demands of consumers who are increasingly aware of the origin of materials and their life cycle.

Every year, 100 billion bottles made of this material are used and only 14 percent are recycled. The rest are dispersed, to the extent that it is calculated that 120,600 bottles per minute end up in the sea and at dumps, taking as long as 1,000 years to biodegrade. 

Available in three colours, Respet is a patent belonging to the company 3B, which has been a partner of Euromobil for 15 years. Respet is the outcome of a special production process that transforms bottles into granules, which are then extruded and laminated to create a film that can be applied to panels used for the doors of Euromobil's kitchens, already FSC certified. See www.gruppoeuromobil.com.


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