Besides providing clients with the ability to completely submerge themselves in three-dimensional kitchens, Ikea’s virtual reality app, titled “Ikea VR Experience”, now lets users cook virtual meatballs in them.

“Since we published the small IKEA Kitchen VR experience the most frequent request has been: ‘we want meatballs!’”, Ikea says on its website. “Of course we listened! Starting today (April 25) we offer meatballs as well as veggie balls in our VR kitchen.”

The virtual reality app, available on Valve’s game platform Steam, is a test app that features a virtual kitchen experience and is the first foray from IKEA into virtual reality technology. Ikea says the app is intended to solicit consumer feedback as the company continues to explore the possible implications of the technology for the home.

“Virtual reality is developing quickly and in five to ten years it will be an integrated part of people’s lives,” said Jesper Brodin, Ikea’s managing director of Sweden. “We see that virtual reality will play a major role in the future of our customers. For instance, someday, it could be used to enable customers to try out a variety of home furnishing solutions before buying them.”

The IKEA VR experience brings the user a virtual IKEA kitchen in real world size. Using an HTC Vive headset, consumers can use the app to explore one of three differently-styled kitchen room settings. The user can change the color of cabinets and drawers with a click. Also present is the ability to view the kitchen from different perspectives by becoming child-size or the size of a 6’4 adult.

The HTC Vive headset

The app was made in collaboration with developers at the French company Allegorithmic, using Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games, and has been developed for HTC Vive, a first of its kind, award winning, virtual reality system created by HTC and Valve.

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