A full-day wood Finishing Conference has been announced for Cabinets & Closets 2016. Presented by well-known finishing expert Phil Stevenson, the day-long conference takes place March 22 as one of three tracks in the Cabinets & Closets Conference at the Pasadena (CA) Convention Center. The program includes five sessions with attention to finishing room design, sanding, spray booth layout, and finishing profitability.

Phil Stevenson

Registrants in the Finishing Conference also receive admission to the 2016 keynote address, this year by John McDonald, founder of Seminhandmade Cabinets. Also included in the program is a networking lunch, a plant tour to K&Z Cabinets, and an evening reception. 

Stevenson is CEO of AWFI, which operates a finishing research and training lab in South Boston, Virginia. The National Center for Coatings Application, Research and Education provides resources for automated finishing, along with hand spray coatings application.

Cabinets & Closets 2016 Finishing Conference Track March 22, 2016
8:15 - 9:05 Keynote: John McDonald, Going Toe to Toe with IKEA
9:10-10:00 Creating Finishing Processes for Small to Medium  Shops I
11:00-11:50 Creating Finishing Processes for Small to Medium  Shops II
  Developing finishing processes that use best practice standards for consistent results and professional quality. Using  different types of coating materials and equipment, a step by step finishing schedule will be created in these interactive sessions.
11:00-11:50 Sanding and Surface Preparation 
  Discussion on abrasive technologies, sanding equipment, and technique to achieve 1st pass surface preparation quality.
Noon-1:00 Networking Luncheon
1:10-2:00 Designing and Specifying a Spray Booth

Understanding spray booth types, air-flow, and air-make-up

2:05-2:50 Making a Finishing Room Profitable
  Understanding material usage, TE, and labor to calculate sq. ft. cost
3:00-4:00 Color Styling and process steps to Finish by Design I
4:10-5:30 Color Styling and process steps to Finish by Design II
  Creating color for maximum customer appear, using the least amount of steps to create perceived value

AWFI provides services to all sectors of the coatings industry, including wood products manufacturing. A fully integrated flatline finishing system, a fully programmable hang line, which includes robotics, IR curing, three-dimensional UV curing and high temperature convection curing. Other technologies include automated sanding and surface preparation equipment. 


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