A panel session on Accessorizing Closets is planned for the 2016 Closets Conference, March 22 in Pasadena, California. The conference is one of three professional development tracks (there is also a Cabinets Track and a Finishing Track) being held in conjunction with the 2016 Cabinets & Closets Expo, March 23-24. 
The three-day event takes place at the Pasadena Convention Center. 
Presenters for the Accessorizing Closets session will be drawn by invitation from exhibitors at the Expo by the Association of Closet & Storage Professionals, which is moderating the panel.  
There are a number of hardware and accessory suppliers showing the newest developments at Cabients & Closets Expo - among them TAG Hardware, a first-time exhibitor and a leading OEM supplier to major hardware companies.
TAG says one key shift is the recognition that hardware can be a design element in its own right, and not simply a way to store accessories.  Its Engage Collection, which will be displayed at the show, consists of a full line of collapsible storage boxes, pull outs with divided jewelry & lingerie organizers, fabric baskets, laundry hampers and pant-racks. All frames include soft-close under mount slides as a standard. 
This rich fabric material (available in 2 finishes –Slate or Beach), featuring a timeless pattern, is used as a design element throughout the line.  This material beautifully complements any combination of finishes.  The ENGAGE aluminum frames are available in Matte Nickel, Matte Aluminum or Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes.
The design of this line blends a luxurious mix of materials; including: fabrics, clean anodized aluminum and textured wood accents.  Mix and match our collection to create a space differentiated by design.
Coordinating collapsible ENGAGE Storage Boxes available as seen in this Slate Fabric color option.
NEW Innovative Hardware including TAG Hardware ENGAGE Collection with pull out fabric drawers. 
ENGAGE Jewelry Organizer perfect for storing your sunglasses, belts and jewelry.  Designed for alternate configurations to suit your storage needs.
ENGAGE Divided Lingerie Drawers in Matte Aluminum and Slate Fabric color options.  A sophisticated solution to the steel wired basket.  Also organizes and configures to store more than a conventional drawer.

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