Solving erratic cuts on the ripsaw
April 7, 2017 | 12:26 pm CDT
Diehl's SL-30 ripsaw

Getting erratic cuts on your straightline ripsaw? Here are two possible reasons why.

1 Your material is cut in an irregular manner, with the stock “snaking” through the machine.

Probable causes: (1) The material is not held tightly. (2) The material is being pushed. Solutions:  (1) Check the pressure bar height and set the yield to 1/8 inch; check the pressure rolls for play; check the tops of the feed chain for wear – there should be less than 0.040 inch flat on top of the pyramid; make sure the pressure bar is level and parallel to the feed chains. (2) Check for slivers in the machine and/or check all the pressure rolls for turning.

2 There’s a rough cut on the stock. Probable causes: (1) The saw blades are not running true. (2) The blade is moving or being deflected. Solutions:  (1) Check the blade for high teeth – changing the saw blade should change the cut; check for nicks in the saw collars; check the inner saw collar with a dial indicator, a 0.003 inch maximum runout is recommended; check the outer saw collar for dish – there should be 0.005-inch dish in the center of the collar. (2) Check the kerf of the saw blade – a 3/16-inch kerf is recommended; check for end play on the inner saw collar – the inner saw collar should not move in or out more than 0.001  inch.

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