Here are six common spray problems that can occur when finishing cabinets, furniture and other wood products, and how to solve them.

Problem: Round spray uneven

Cause/solution: Middle air cap air passage may be dirty or deformed. Clean thoroughly or replace nozzle set if required.

Problem: Sickle spray pattern

Cause/solution: Air cap horn may be dirty or deformed. Clean the air horn passages or replace nozzle set.

Problem: Deformed spray pattern on one side

Cause/solution: Dirty or deformed holes in the air cap horns. Clean the nozzle with a special cleaning kit or replace the nozzle set.

Problem: Split fan (swallow-tail)

Cause/solution: Too much thinner in the material. The spray pressure may be too high or the fan width too wide.

Problem: Material deposit is too heavy in a fan pattern

Cause/solution: The atomization pressure is too low – increase pressure. The viscosity may be too high – add thinner to the material. Or, too much material – use a smaller nozzle set.

Problem: An irregular or fluttering fan pattern

Cause/solution: The fluid tip or needle is loose – tighten the parts. The paint cup may be plugged – clean the air vent hole (lid vent). It could also be the air distribution ring – replace it.

 Source: SATA. For information call 800-533-8016 or visit


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