“Unlike architects of previous historical eras, architects today must know considerably more than ever about design functions, building sciences, codes and regulations, and the technical intricacies of sophisticated building products, materials, and equipment," says Walter Scarborough, a specifier with architectural and construction firm Hall a/e/c.

"Thus, It should not really come as a big surprise to representatives, but most architects persist in having an arm's length love/hate relationship with specifications,” says Scarborough, who carries an imperssive list of recertifications RA, FCSI, CCA, CCCA, SCIP.
“This is where we come in," says Alan Pickett, Pella’s resident architect and director of architectural business development.

"Pella’s Architectural Support Services can be an extension of any architect’s design team and aid with the fenestration engineering and building science needed to bring the project to fruition.”
For more than 25 years, Pella’s Architect Support Services engineers, draftsman and project managers as been one of the industries best-kept secrets.  Working to help architects and builders determine wind loads, local building codes and helping solve fenestration pain points, the team of about 30 has been an integral part in everything from custom homes to schools to multi-family projects to breweries.
“Our team has been helping architects, so they don’t have to compromise on their design vision,” added Jaron Vos, manager of the Architectural Support Services team. “Design and performance analysis, installation design assistance , thermal analysis, CAD content and custom product designs are just the tips of the iceberg of what we continue to do for architects.”
Pella currently holds 153 patents to date for various windows and doors and their components. Add to that, the countless engineers at Pella who work on window loads, thermal dynamics and water management, and you have a recipe for a true solutions provider. “We have a project right now in Chicago where our Architectural Support Services team has physically built two custom installation models for the windows the architect wants to use,” added Pickett. “This is just one example of how our team is helping architects with the critical details of their building design,” said Vos.
Architectural Support Services work also includes installation shop drawings, service instructions and field service and on-site training. “Our field services team is one more example of how we are with the architect, builder, and contractor, every step of the way,” said Vos. “It’s exciting for the team to be on the road every week helping with complex projects and quality assurance testing when those projects we assisted in the design process have become reality.”
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