GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Stiles Machinery is introducing new technologies and solutions to North America following Ligna 2017 in Hanover, Germany.

Homag’s tapio, a digital platform for the wood industry, provides an open platform to all partners, customers and technologies and provides comprehensive knowledge of the entire production process. Users are able to monitor the status of their machines in real time, retrieve energy-usage data, run reports, access saved programs and recipes from the cloud, and even operate machines remotely.

Homag also demonstrated new advancements in CNC processing, zero-joint edgebanding technology, solid wood processing, surface technologies and batch size one production.

Attendees in Hanover saw a fully-automated batch size one production concept with a networked furniture production line, including a storage and retrieval system, HPS robotic cutting line, four-sided zero edge processing, and automated drilling, clamping and robotic packaging.

Also shown were the new intelliGuide system for panel saws which uses LED lighting and lasers to communicate part positioning to the operator prior to sawing, and a newly redesigned, cohesive software platform from Homag Software Solutions.

Also on display this year was the Innovation Center offering a look at technology of the future with 3-D printing and a zero joint edgebanding process using microwave technology. Stiles will be showcasing a number of these new innovations in their five showrooms in North America, as Booth 7411 at AWFS 2017. See

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