LAS VEGAS – The Thermwood Cut Center will be in action during AWFS Fair 2019 July 17-20. Attendees will have the opportunity to see how to run the Cut Center that can reportedly make almost anything a cabinet shop would want to make with no programming.

Thermwood will be demonstrating live during the show, and attendees can help to operate the Cut Center. Attendees can visit Booth #7425 and speak to a Thermwood representative and get their hands on this machine.

Also, Thermwood will be demonstrating solid wood, plastics and aluminum machining using a pod system and a horizontal aggregate on the Thermwood Model 45. 

The heavy-duty Model 45 is designed for a variety of functions including the machining of rotary operations when equipped with their optional C-Axis. This expands the capability to include volutes, carvings, chair parts, and stair components in addition to cabinets, solid wood, millwork, phenolic, display fixtures and more. This three-axis CNC router is available in either single or dual spindles, multiple table sizes and many other options as well.

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