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Tom Dossenbach


The High Price of Hearing

It becomes more critical every day that wood products companies be in tune with their competitive surroundings — ready to respond quickly with positive change in order to adjust to rapidly shifting market dynamics. But while we may think we have all the answers, the major factors that drive this unpredictable environment are best understood by our customers. For this reason, it is customer input that should provide us with the valuable information from which to form many of our strategic management decisions — our marketing and manufacturing strategies.


Effective employee evaluation and motivation

Do you remember a time when you wondered if you were appreciated in your work — either in your current position or some years back? Have you ever been uncertain that you were performing up to company expectations or those of the one to whom you report? Well, you are not alone because everyone experiences this in one way or another. You may be one of the thousands in the wood products industry that have left a company because of this very frustration.