Wood High-Rise Would Soar 34 Stories
July 1, 2013 | 9:42 am CDT
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Architecture firm C.F. Moller has entered this proposed design for a 34-stroy timber-framed apartment tower in the Swedish building society HSB Stockholm’s competition for residences of the future.
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The building would be built over a wooden construction with a concrete core,
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The architects envision exposed wood to be a focal point of the building's interior - no need for "plaster or other costly materials."
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C.F. Moller touts the environmental benefits of using wood for the structure, including no waste and wood's ability to bind CO2..
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The pillars and beams are made of solid wood. Solar panels on the roof will provide energy for the building.
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STOCKHOLM - A 34-story wooden skyscraper is Berg | C.F. Møller's vision of the future for downtown Stockholm.

The architecture firm submitted its propsed wooden apartment high-rise in HSB Stockholm's architectural competition 2023. Berg | C.F. Møller is one of three teams of architects to develop proposals for private residences in the center of Stockholm.

The building would feature solid wood pillars and beams construction with a concrete core. The apartments interiors would feature wood walls, ceilings and window frames  - no need for "plaster or other costly materials," the firm said.

Berg | C.F. Møller said it chose wood because it has low weight, yet is very strong and because of its environmental benefits and sustainability. "Wood is also more fire resistant than both steel and concrete. This is due to 15% of wood mass being water, which will evaporate before the wood actually burns. In addition, logs get charred which protects the core."

The Berg | C.F. Møller wooden skyscraper is being challenged by designs created by teams made up of Equator Stockholm with Mojang (Minecraft) and Utopia Architects with Rosenberg Architects.

Last July, Woodworking Network reported that the world's tallest wooden building, a 16-story multi-use structure, was slated to be built in Kirkenes, Norway, on the border with Russia.

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