How Paul Downs Cabinetmakers Saved 19 Percent Under Obamacare
Justice Stays Obamacare Rule in Conestoga Wood-related Case

How Paul Downs Cabinetmakers Saved 19 Percent Under Obamacare  Woodshop owner Paul Downs decided to invest his time in carefully researching Obamacare, to find out whether, and if so, how much, his 17-employee firm could save courtesy of the Affordable Care Act.

Smaller businesses - those with fewer than 50 employees - can buy insurance through the  government small business insurance program, and the cost will be subsidized. Original plans were to have this online Nov. 1, but these were dashed with the rocky launch of

In a great public service to all small businesses, Downs - owner of Paul Downs Cabinetmakers in Bridgeport, PA - carefully details his calculations and has posted them at his site. He has also recorded his decision process over the past couple months. (You can download the calculator below.)

Paul Downs Cabinetmakers 2013 2014
Total Premium $108,856 $87,194
Company share 72,937 59,005
Employees 35,919 28,189
Savings   13,932
% Savings   19%
Download the Paul Downs Cabinetmaker Affordable Care Act Calculator

Downs, who started making furniture in 1986, now operates a 33,000 square foot shop in Bridgeport, PA. Work is half residential, the rest office furniture. 

As a woodworking business commentator, Downs is a rockstar - blogging for the New York Times "Your the Boss" small business channel about his custom conference table woodshop on a regular basis.

What Downs determined in analyzing healthcare for 2014 is that his firm could save by allowing employees to select from a menu of programs - some bought less coverage, some more - and taking advantage of government support.

Overall, Paul Downs Cabinetmaker's premiums were reduced by 19% for 2014 versus 2013.







Paul Downs reports leap in custom project bids

Paul Downs reports
leap in custom project bids


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