Woodworking Industry News

Housing sales are up as are softwood lumber prices

VANCOUVER, BC -- After slowing down in the summer, sales of new US single-family homes rocketed up by +14%, while the median price of newly built houses increased by even more, compared to the previous month, according to Madison's Lumber Reporter There were 800,000 new U.S. homes sold in September, which is up +14% from a significantly downwardly-corrected 702,000 in August, and is down -18% from 971,000 in September 2020.

Woodworking Industry News

Würth opens 24/7 retail shop in North America

Vaughan, ON -- Wurth Canada has opened its first Pick-Up Shop in North America that allows woodworkers access to the store around the clock and any day of the week. The Toronto-area store allows woodworkers with an approved status to visit the store any day of the week through a QR Code system. The customer has up to one hour to shop and look around the store at their convenience. After they have scanned the products at the self-checkout counter, the selected items are automatically billed to the customer’s existing account – no need for on-the-spot payment.