"Unicorn," a cherry wood wand from the world of Harry Potter, was commissioned as a Christmas present. The customer gave me complete artistic freedom with the design, with only the requirement that it be named "Unicorn." Measuring 13 1/8 inch in Cherry, it is built around a core of Unicorn Tail Hair :). I also created a walnut box with slide top box to hold it.

This is the third wand that I have been commissioned to produce.

For my formal training, I attended the University of Cincinnati Furniture and Cabinetmaking program, and while enrolled in the furniture making program, I was mentored by two special instructors. One had a passion for hand tools and traditional woodworking techniques, and the other, an architect by trade, had a passion for good design and planning.

These two made a lasting impression on me, defining how I approach working with wood at Heirloom Artists Furniture in Georges Mills, NH.

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