Inventive cork and walnut Corksters by Brian DuBois are both artful and functional. Stacked they form a kinetic sculpture. Unstacked they prevent tabletop rings from drink glasses.

Brian's maple table with white legs was also cited as an example of an Unexpected Color Trend in the Architectural Digest 2015 show in New York this week.

The core principles of Brian DuBois' artistic vision first took root during his study of architecture and design-related space at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture. Upon receiving his degree, he became a licensed builder in the state of Michigan, designing and building a range of projects from interiors and exhibits to architectural models and furniture.

As he developed his craft, a deepening interest in the intersection of art and design led him to Cranbrook Academy of Art. It was here that Brian first developed the designs that became the foundation of the DuBois Collection - designs that transformed the utilitarian qualities of wood and cork into beautifully formed and crafted tables.

Now holding a Master's Degree from Cranbrook, Brian continues to explore and expand the collection, with particular interest in how the juxtaposition of materials can inform and contrast each other in application and design.

Aside from the furniture collection, Brian's background ranges in architecture, design/build, and exhibit engineering. Through these trades, he has been able to focus on the design and craft of materials and assembly to provide well-constructed products. With ideas in form and material explorations, the end product will be well-received and appreciated.

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