Oxidizing teak in 12 minutes in a tanning bed, submitted by Martin Goebel. "This little trick is something that weekend woodworkers might enjoy," Goebel says. Could it be a factory application, too? UV curing lines are plentiful in woodworking plants.

The goal was to get get a freshly milled teak to match the naturally darkened oxidized seat. 


Malaysian lumber yards will sun the teak to even out color. But a tanning bed works faster.


It takes about 12 minutes. These tractor-seat stools listen to Crosby, Stills & Nash while tanning. 


The fan makes sure heat doesn't come into play, drying the wood too much.


A before and after, with a protected area demonstrating the impact of the tanning bed. All mellow and a nice color.



Goebel, recipient of Woodworking Network's Young Wood Pro award, is the chief designer of Martin Goebel Furniture and also is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. (In a current webcast Goebel tells  his firm creates high-end customized, mass produced furniture pieces using 3D CAD design and automated technology.)

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