Woodwork Career Alliance, WOODLinks USA Study MergerWoodLINKS USA and The Woodwork Career Alliance of North America (WCA) have combined forces to explore the prospect of merging these two organizations.

This merger, subject to final approval by the Board of Directors for both organizations, will enable WoodLINKS USA members to become Education members of the Woodwork Career Alliance.

The WCA has developed Industry recognized Skill Standards and a certification system for the Wood Industry.

This agreement furthers the partnership created in 2010 between these two organizations.

The Woodwork Career Alliance’s Credentialing program was established in 2011, and is rapidly being adapted by industry as the standard for training and evaluating personnel in the Wood Industry.

An educational arm of the WCA is being established to develop new recruits for our industry primarily at the secondary and post‐secondary levels. Merging these two organizations will provide a stronger network to train and evaluate current and future woodworkers.

WoodLINKS USA has received significant industry support and developed a strong network of schools since it was first established in the U.S. in 1999.

WoodLINKS USA members are active in 16 states around the country and work with thousands of students each day.

Under the proposed merger, all current school members of WoodLINKS USA will become Education Members of the merged organization and will be provided with the same benefits afforded them under their membership terms with WoodLINKS USA.

“Overall, this merger will allow both organizations to expand their reach through shared resources”, said Patrick Molzahn, President of WoodLINKS USA. A special credential for high school students, the Saw Blade certificate is being created to help students begin their credentialing journey and career path.

An Education Committee has been created to help develop enhanced membership benefits and training materials for participating teachers. July, 2013 is the targeted date for completion of the merger.

Scott Nelson
Woodwork Career Alliance
(402) 610‐6043
Patrick A. Molzahn

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