Acacia Originals Will Fuller presents woodworking production advice drawn from starting up at the closure of his previous business.

Study, and invest, in technology that has acceptable returns. We are all asked to do more with less (mostly time). Machinery and software allow us to be significantly more productive. Even if the timing isn’t right, you’ll be aware of options for later.

Set your standards high for everything you produce. Don’t look for perfection but create an atmosphere where if your own internal standards are reached, your clients will always be more than happy with the results.

Work hard to create and maintain a safe, comfortable, clean, organized, well lit and well equipped environment. Whatever goes out your door is heavily influenced by the place in which it was birthed.

Share interesting and relevant articles and videos with your team on manufacturing practices, equipment and materials. You are encouraging growth and greater awareness of your craft. People will remember what they read and find great new applications.

Schedule a Saturday field trip to a local completed project. This allows your team to see what the whole package looks like when it’s finished. You’ll be surprised how much they and you will learn and how much your future end products will improve.

Find and build strong relationships with other great companies you can outsource to. Train those companies if needed to become high-performing suppliers that can handle overflow so you are not hiring, then laying off.

Outsource to those companies in the short term if you can’t find the right people to hire when needed.

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