CHICAGO - 3form announced a new veneer layering technique at NeoCon 2015 that it says captures the warmth of wood, while adding visual and tactile dimension to its Varia Ecoresin. This juxtaposition produces an unexpectedly modern aesthetic, the company says.

“This is the next generation of 3form Woods,” said Jill Canales, 3form VP of Design. “The experience of light and pattern changes as the guest walks by the dynamic panels in a space.”

The lines Stroll, Sift, Barque, and Portal reveal a new take on a classic material, Canales says. The placement of High Res printed wood patterns on the surface of Varia Ecoresin adds an unexpected, optical effect to the brand’s trademark. 3form Woods are available in White Oak, Grey Oak, Walnut, and Wenge.

3form also laminates real cherry, oak and walnut wood veneers to its Ecoresin base, and will make laser cut patterns in the veneer, and provides fabrication services as well.

Among 3-Forms project was this veneer interior of Alice Tully Hall. 

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