Vecoplan's Industrial Shredder Designed For Large Dimension Scrap
August 7, 2013 | 11:17 am CDT

Vecoplan's Industrial Shredder Designed For Large Dimension ScrapARCDALE, NC -- Vecoplan’s VAZ 1800 industrial shredder was designed to process a wide range of wastes for reclamation, recycling, and RDF applications. These include MSW, C&D waste, plastics, carpet, wood, medical waste, paper, and cardboard. The VAZ 1800 features a larger rotor diameter and taller feed ram that dramatically improves the throughput and overall processing efficiency of bulky scrap materials, and other large dimension waste products.

The VAZ 1800 features true dump and run operation, so entire containers of waste can be fed into its hopper. The hopper, on a VAZ 1800, has a volume capacity of 10.25 cubic yards and a 70”x82” in feed opening. Its 25” diameter rotor has 84-126 cutting inserts, is powered by a 150-200 HP motor, turns at 125 rpms, and is fed by a 10 HP two speed hydraulic feed ram. 

VECOPLAN is a leading manufacturer of advanced industrial grinding, shredding and size reduction equipment.

VECOPLAN shredding and recycling equipment is the preferred choice for most industrial applications in the plastics processing and recycling industries, printing and converting industries, secure destruction industry, woodworking industries, general waste processing and recovery industries. 

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Source: Vecoplan LLC


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