ORANGE, CA - Many people lack the time or resources necessary to create an organized and clutter-free home. This can result in increased stress levels and a lower quality of life. Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage—a leader in home organization solutions—is now making it easier for homeowners to get organized. During a complimentary in-home consultation, a Tailored Living specialist is now able to create 3D renderings of what a custom tailored organized space will look like using the company’s proprietary design software, D’Vinci™.

Tailored Living Uses Technology to Better Organize Living SpacesFor many years now, Tailored Living has been helping homeowners organize their closets, bedrooms, home offices, pantries, garages and more. D’Vinci is the next step in the evolution of its services. With the technology, customers can now visualize what their organized homes will look like and clearly understand the level of personalization that Tailored Living can deliver. Visual elements that can be custom tailored for each client range from cabinetry positioning and spacing, to product colors and styles.

“We believe our D’Vinci software will create a more interactive and educational experience for our customers,” said Dave Angers, Director of Business Operations at Tailored Living. “Being able to see a 3D rendering of their organized spaces will give customers peace of mind by knowing that everything has been customized to address their needs and tastes.”

A popular trend this season amongst homeowners is garage organization, and for good reason. The garage predominantly serves as a storage area for many families and is often the most cluttered room in the home. With proper organization, the garage can be converted into a multipurpose space (workshop, laundry room, storage room, etc.) while still being able to house your cars.

With their D’Vinci software, Tailored Living can design a personalized garage space to fit a homeowner’s specific needs so they can rest assured there will be an area for all of their items. Solutions include overhead shelving, garage cabinetry, labeled storage bins, gridwalls with hooks and fixtures, and hoist systems.

To encourage homeowners to live a more organized lifestyle, Tailored Living is launching its Summer Savings Event which runs from May 26th through August 3rd. The event grants customers $200 in free accessories plus a free D’Vinci 3D design plan. For more information, please visit or call toll-free (866) 675-8819(866) 675-8819 .

Source: Tailored Living

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