SkyPod Launch Promises to Maximize Home Vertical Storage Space
March 4, 2015 | 5:35 pm UTC

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- SkyPod, a stylish and elegantly designed home storage solution from Idea Potent, today officially launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

SkyPod is an easy to use storage cabinet that maximizes underutilized vertical spaces in homes, apartments, dorm rooms and all places where more storage is needed. SkyPod is mounted above counters on underutilized wall space and it can be lowered in seconds with a simple push.

The easy to install storage unit offers an efficient way to effectively store and retrieve everyday items like bathroom and makeup supplies. SkyPod’s design allows users to secure their items by simply pushing the container up into place with a click. To open, users gently push the base of the container up slightly to release it, and air pressure inside the cylinder ensures a smooth gradual descent.

“Seeing the mess of toiletries scattered around the bathroom sink, cluttered and unhygienic at the same time, made me decide that there has to be a better way,” said Boban Jose, co-founder of Idea Potent. “Installing a traditional cabinet is not easy, it makes already congested places even worse and traditional cabinet doors are obtrusive. SkyPod addresses all of these deficiencies and the result is a revolutionary storage solution.”

“While living in a small apartment a few years ago I noticed that with the exception of a mirror and a framed painting, the wall area in the bathroom was empty and underutilized,” added co-founder Kiran Bhogadi. "This gave us the idea of combining the utility of using vertical wall space for storage, while making our storage pod look aesthetically pleasing so it can replace a framed photo or artwork."

Early backers on Kickstarter can pre-order a SkyPod starting at $55 and will have the option of choosing from eight initial designs that include: four solid color and three beautiful canvas patterns, along with a first-aid box design for use in homes, schools, offices, dorms, fitness clubs and everywhere where a visible first-aid kit is needed.

“We believe that with the support of our backers we can bring this practical and attractive innovation to the home and 'small spaces' storage industry,” added Jose. “SkyPod can help us all better organize and decorate our homes, apartments and all spaces that need more storage.”

SkyPod is now available on Kickstarter at:…

The campaign will run until April 11, 2015. The campaign’s goal is set for $30,000.

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