DENVER – Premier EuroCase is pleased to announce they have recently installed a panel management system to better respond to their customers’ demands.

Premier is known for developing high-quality surfacing solutions, specializing in laminated panels. The company uses a Wemhöner melamine press to produce TFL and HD panels as well as a Bürkle PUR laminating line for high gloss acrylic panels. Since Premier controls the entire process in-house, they bypass normal supply chains and are able to commence production of new projects within 24 hours. “Lead times are critical because our customers typically needed it yesterday,” explained the company’s owner and president, Andy Wilzoch.

To insure the continued growth and competitiveness in the market, Premier’s edge has come from continuously investing in the latest technology. The company’s most recent acquisition is an intelligent panel management system from Bargstedt called “IntelliStore”. IntelliStore is a completely automated panel storage and retrieval system that optimizes the material flow and enables an efficient use of resources. As the system stores each board, it records the size, weight, color, and other pertinent details. The exact board can then be recalled as needed for production. IntelliStore allows Premier to produce and store only the quantities needed for production. “By having this kind of automated inventory knowledge, we are even more prepared for just-in-time manufacturing,” Wilzoch commented.

About Premier EuroCase

Premier EuroCase is a privately-held, full service panel processor that specializes in the construction of components for the woodworking industry. Founded in 1987, Premier is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit

Source: Premier EuroCase

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