BOHEMIA, NY – Monarch Metal launched the new MFSS-CHAN stainless steel hanging system to aid its customers in mounting curtain wall, building envelope or rain screen panels. The new system offers a one inch air space to comply with most building codes.

The key features of the new system include the following:

• Corrosion Resistant – Manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless steel

• One Inch Air Space – The design of the system allows for a one inch air space which is required by building code in many areas

• High Strength – The MFSS-CHAN is constructed from high strength 1/16" thick stainless steel with a 70,000psi strength

The new system is shipped with both continuous lengths of the MFSS-CHAN and matching clips to attach to your panel. To mount the system, one simply mounts the four foot continuous length to the mounting surface and installs the smaller clips to the rear side of the panel. Next, one simply engages the clips on the backside of the panel with the continuous length along the wall. Now the panel is mounted one inch from the wall and there are no visible fasteners into the face of the panel.

Chris Smith of Monarch Metal commented, "We had been approached by a number of customers regarding developing a stainless steel system that would complement our heavy duty system, but that could be used in application requiring a greater air space. The MFSS-CHAN product gives us a stock product that can solve this problem for customers and ship out the same day it is ordered.”

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About Monarch Metal Fabrication:

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Source: Monarch Metal


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