Monarch Z Clip System Tests at 4,000 Pound Shear Strength
March 25, 2013 | 9:13 am CDT

Monarch Z Clip System Tests at 4,000 Pound Shear StrengthBOHEMIA, NY – Monarch Metal has released the testing results for the Monarch Z Clip hanging system.

Monarch engaged Qualtim, Inc. of Madison, WI to undertake load testing of the Monarch Z Clip system for mounting panels in the most typical installations. The tests included testing of the panel clips to the back of the panel, testing of the Monarch Clip system in a typical installation on metal studs and wood studs.

The testing confirmed what Monarch had informally tested years ago. First, that in a typical installation of a 4ꞌ x 8ꞌ, ¾" thick MDF panel that the tested failure of the system is 30 to 40x the weight of the panel. Second, that the mode of failure is not he Monarch Clip itself, but rather the pull out or shearing of the screw selected to secure the Monarch Clips.

The results of the test are available for download on the z clip specifications page at the Monarch web-site, in addition to a full summary of the Monarch Z Clip load –shear testing and a Monarch Z Clip weight capacity summary sheet showing the average load failure for a variety of installation circumstances.

Chris Smith of Monarch Metal commented, "We are pleased to be able to offer the results of these tests conducted by a 3rd party independent laboratory. We had for years shared the results of our internal testing, but it is nice to be able to offer our customers something more formal.”

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Source: Monarch Metal Fabrication

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