At Ligna, Leitz has presented the new generation of its ProfilCut tools: ProfilCut Q. In its premium version, this solution offers the highest cutting speeds in the industry. ProfilCut Q has many other advantages including finish quality and ease of use.

LeitzOberkochen / Hannover – The new Leitz ProfilCut Q Premium is the quickest profile tooling system in the woodworking industry. "Conventional systems reach their limit at cutting speeds of 80 to 90 meters (maximum) per second", says Christian Wimmer, Head of Sector Management at Leitz in Riedau. This new Leitz generation of profile tooling is approved for cutting speeds of 120 meters per second. "This allows users to run higher feed speeds with the same number of teeth, increasing productivity and output", per Wimmer.

Additionally, the new profile tooling system distinguishes itself in processing quality and performance—as proven in many field tests run by Leitz customers. During the development of ProfilCut Q, Leitz paid strict attention to high running accuracy. "Together with high speeds this leads to improved finish quality", explained Wimmer. The "Q" represents quality and quantity offered by ProfilCut Q.

Easy knife changes for decreased set-up times

Leitz engineers also integrated a handling advantage during the development of the new ProfilCut Q Premium. Until now, operators had to remove conventional complex tool sets from the machine and dissemble them before being able to change knives. Not so with ProfilCut Q Premium. The main and secondary knives, such as edge-rounding knives, grooving knives or spurs, can be easily accessed and changed within the tool set. This saves a lot of time. "The option to simply change knives within the set is another unique selling point of our ProfilCut Q Premium“, states Wimmer.

New clamping system

One reason for superior cutting speed of ProfilCut Q Premium is its newly developed clamping system by which the knives are axially and radially clamped without clearance. The enhanced running accuracy of the new profile tooling system can also be attributed to the clamping system. Leitz engineers in Oberkochen/Germany and Riedau/Austria worked on this project for two years. "Our customers and leading machine producers need profile tools with higher cutting speeds", says Wimmer. Tests quickly revealed that this would not be possible with available clamping systems. Leitz registered its new clamping system for patent.

A real eye-catcher

Leitz Another contributing factor to ProfilCut Q's cutting speed is the tool body. Its unique design makes the tool harder and more wear-resistant. The aluminum body

reduces noise by 3 dB(A) compared to conventional tools and decreases vibration during operation. "ProfilCut Q Premium's design has no corners or edges typical in many tools—making this tooling system a real eye-catcher," says Wimmer.

ProfilCut Q for industry and trades

The ProfilCut Q tooling system is universally applicable, e.g. for production of windows and doors, furniture and flooring. This Premium version shows its full potential as the perfect solution for customers using stationary technology and producing high volumes of parts. In addition to solid wood and wood-derived materials, plastics and special abrasive materials can be processed. Leitz provides a ProfilCut Q version specifically for spindle moulders and angular systems. This version allows for cutting speeds up to 90 meters per second. Customers can choose between two coated knife models: Marathon Multi Coating (MC) for demanding profiles in small and medium companies or Tungsten Diamond Coating (TDC).

Source: Leitz

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