ST. MARY, GA -  Gilman Building Products LLC is set to debut a new, fully automated fingerjoint factory utilizing recovered waste fiber converting into value added products.

After 8 years of research, testing and installation, GBP is starting up a one-of-a-kind system which realizes significantly greater yield from southern yellow pine logs via a new patent pending process developed from the collaborative efforts of Mr. Victor Garrett, President of GBP LLC, and Mr. John Koerner of JHKoerner Ltd. Inc.

These men set out to find a solution to minimizing yield loss from milling southern yellow pine logs to lumber, which typically ranges from 25 to 40%. Their new patent pending process can reduce this yield loss by 50% or more, while producing superior engineered wood products.

Changing Environment 

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Project Suppliers

• CAB Electrical
• Dimter
• Franklin Adhesives
• Grecon
• Joulin
• Luxscan
• Michael Weinig Ag
• Michael Weinig Inc.
• Nederman
• Purbond
• Vecoplan
• Verdetek
• WH Gross Construction

Forest harvesting over the past few years has increased faster than the growth of fiber in Southeastern USA. Increased production in various industries - paper, fuel pellets, lumber, pallets and crates - has changed supply dynamics.

Pine beetle infestation in Canada has increased the demand on the Southern softwood lumber belt, and international studies indicate long term demand growth further tightening supplies. Need for higher quality, older growth tall trees, has increased from the utility pole and plywood industries. Greater usage of faster growing smaller diameter trees requires new solutions for improving yields.

A new ultra modern facility is now in the bustling agricultural town of Blackshear, located in the southeastern Georgia. This plant, Gilman Specialty Products LLC, is the most automated secondary wood processing factory in North America.

Gilman Building Products LLC focuses on primary wood processing, operating six yellow pine sawmills producing construction lumber. The new mill complements the core business while opening doors to many diverse secondary wood industries.

This new source of fingerjointed lumber is positioned to increase domestic manufacturing of secondary products. Partners assisting and supplying the startup of the new Gilman Specialty Products facility include:

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