New York, NY – The majority of graduates of coding bootcamps are finding full-time employment, according to a new study from Course Report ( 75% of graduates surveyed report being employed in a full-time job requiring the skills learned at bootcamp, with an average salary increase of 44%.

The study surveyed 432 recent graduates from full-time, in-person programming schools. It is the first independent research of its kind to survey graduates across multiple schools in various cities.

"I talk to students and alumni from these bootcamps every day who are learning real tech skills and are graduating with impressive jobs. They are winning hackathons, founding successful companies, and becoming high-performing members of dev teams. This study confirms that bootcamps are viable career accelerators," said Liz Eggleston, founder of Course Report. 

The average annual salary increased from $53k to $76k among the respondents, who paid an average of $10k in tuition to attend 8-12 week programming intensives. Most were not working in software development before attending—only 5% reported working as full-time programmers before attending bootcamp.

“It’s important that Course Report is bringing transparency to our industry to help applicants become better informed when choosing a school,” said Evan Charles, Co-founder of Launch Academy, one of the immersive coding bootcamps included in the survey. “From this smaller general sampling, this survey still proves that coding schools make graduates job-ready with the tech skills needed for the new economy, in a time when traditional higher education is failing to do so.”

Respondents reported help from the schools in finding a job, with 87% receiving resume help and 60% reporting assistance finding internships and job placement. 

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